You number one source for the Borg Warner 9 bolt

About 9Bolt has been operating since the 1st of November 2007 with the intention of supplying quality parts for the Australian 9 bolt rear axel as used in the Camaro 1986-93, Firebird 1985-93, and Trans-Am 1983-93.

Almost all parts are sourced from and shipped from Australia. Most differential parts are heavy; with 9500 miles to travel across the Pacific to the United States, shipping can often be expensive. I am regularly trawling the internet looking for freight options to get the best shipping prices, and I am happy to assist with combined shipping on both individual orders and group buys. The shipping prices in the checkout are quoted for the United States. I can send anywhere in the world -- most countries will be the same price as to the US. If there is a discrepancy I will email you.

I usually have all parts in stock. If an order is placed that I can't fill I will email you. Some parts are scarce even in Australia. A small country of 24 million reproduction runs are not economically feasible in most cases. I am able to get some gearsets brand new, but they are in the order of $700+. In comparison the United States is a utopia for auto enthusiasts with brand new gear sets being available for as little as $100. (as well as a huge array of other reproduction parts such as body panels, trims, interior plastics etc that I could only dream of having available for Aussie cars)

I run a differential shop myself full time and this web site is somewhat of a hobby that generates very little income for the time I put into it. I like sharing knowledge and try and answer all the emails I can. This site also offers 9 bolt owners an option to purchase replacement parts they otherwise may not have had access to. I acquired the domain back in 2007 after it was abandoned by it's previous owner who left a mess of negative feedback linked to the domain name. I hope I've helped change that somewhat.

All enquiries can be directed to